speedpaint vid

2017-09-10 13:09:51 by limeslimed




end my suffering

2017-08-17 10:50:27 by limeslimed

My sweet lover had to go back home today. I am pretty upset. But, I'll give myself time to draw more, so there's that. I plan to move outta this bitch by October and live the rest of this stupid life with my other half happily. M'yeah. Time to cry.

Guys. A couple days ago I had gotten back from a lil' vacation I took across the US to go see my lover. There is no doubt in my mind that he is the one. The last dude was a total cockmunch, manipulation and infatuation doesn't count lol. I mean, hell, I'll admit to saying that I thought of my current boyfriend while I was still with my last ex. Like, constantly. Keep in mind I've known him for about 8 years now - and there was a gap in the middle, but I always reached out to contact him here and there. And now we are real happy and I gotta say that I felt right at home the moment I saw him in the airport. I was kind of shy the entire time though, but I was still comfortable. It's all good though, because he's coming back down here in August for 10 days. I AM so eXCITEd. I'mma show him a real good time. :/3 Uhhh, ye. Sorry for babbling. That's what's been goin' on for me, I guess. I have some stuff to upload as well, but I'll be slow about it, as usual. Heh.


TL;DR I met my handsome soulmate, I'm home now, he comes back in August, and I've got some art shits to show. At some point. 

Fuck it, I'm back.

2017-07-06 09:16:23 by limeslimed

I'm going to become a supporter for one month so I can change my username. But yeah, hey everyone. What's up?